Helmut Newton: Photographs for Playboy

Picture 6I often get high-fives from my male friends when I post content such as the above and a few eyebrow raises from my family. I truly think the female figure can be an alluring art form and Helmut Newton makes my case. Although some of his photography can be particularly explicit and warrant the said eyebrow raises, I love studying the the many ways he captures the predominately unclothed female form. The above photograph is one of many that is open for bidding this morning via Christie’s Auction House (online auction only). Titled ‘Playboy’, the photograph was taken in Los Angeles in 1986 and part of a series of pictorials Helmut Newton took for Playboy. It is estimated this lot item will sell for between $15,000 and $25,000. See the entire collection here.

Disclaimer: You might want to view from your “home” computer…

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