A Pool Pavilion

pool pavilion_ Carl D'Aquino_Francine MonacoHow fun is this pool pavilion? Looks like the perfect room for an evening soiree. I can see it now: Candlelight dancing against the floor to ceiling windows and mirrored wall, guests glittering in their cocktail attire enjoying caipirinhas and chatter. The room would be alive with cuban swing and jazz with all the possibilities for a mischievous evening or for the tame party goers, simply new friendships…

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The Sign of a Good Party

tableMy parents are very social creatures. I have a distinct memory of them revealing one Sunday morning that they “broke” their friend’s kitchen counter-top from a late night dance party the night prior. (I think I was about 12 years old and too young at the time to appreciate their strong social pursuits). I’ve come across old Polaroids of belly dancers at my Dad’s 30th birthday party, boozy couples cruises in the Bahamas and some “cheeky” photographs of a husbands vs. wives mooning competition at our neighbors house two doors down. Well, like Mom & Dad, I’ve thrown a few parties in my day and smirk thinking about some of the wild tales that developed from such nights. There are the noise violations from local policemen, a broken coffee table from a passionate (and very sweaty) co-ed karaoke to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” muddy footprints on the sunroof of my old Saab and many other tales that will forever refrain from being divulged.

The point is, these obstreperous tales are what often, make a party a success. So, as host, embrace the quirky – sometimes stressful in the moment – party fouls, and carry on.

Bon Weekend!

(Above: a simple tablescape from our dinner party last eve).

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A Table in the Making

item3_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_aerin-lauder-beauty-at-home-04-summer-entertaining-picnic-table tabletop8 tabletop7oscar plates cropped tabletop6VER-ANDREW-RAQUET-BAHAMAS-0ODLR tabletop5 tabletop4table9 tabletop3 tabletop2 table1odlr1 table4 table2  table7   table12jpgWe are hosting an intimate dinner at our house this evening and I’ve been thinking about the tablescape for days. I’ve had visions of greenery, soft candlelight, Spring blooms and anything outdoors on the brain.  I’ve curated a collection of inspiration above to help me design our tablescape. Now I have to get working on the playlist and chill the rosé…

Images via here & here.

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