Getting it Right: Typeface

Picture 4Garance Dore just gave her blog a facelift thanks to the fabulously french talents of Colorz, a digital strategy agency.

Picture 5In true Hermès fashion, they have brought play and style to e-commerce. Their graphics and font provide a well-rounded web experience. typeface_La Marque_Meredith Melling and Valerie Boster’s creative consultancy has a sharp but concise web presence. I suppose that is to be expected for the former Vogue editors Picture 3

The chic San Francisco interior design firm Elizabeth Swift Design just launched their site and I’m loving the graphics and font on their “contact” page.

I’m working on a new project for a client and love exploring different typefaces. Typography, the art and craft of arranging and designing type to make the written language most alluring, can have a dramatic influence on how the brand or product connects with the consumer. Above are a few typefaces and designs I’m currently coveting.


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The Garden-Perfumes

hermescandcI absolutely love perfume. It’s such an intimate part of any woman’s dressing routine and while it’s incredibly personal, the beauty of perfume is that it’s different for each woman depending on her persona, taste and mood. I personally prefer nothing too overpowering and usually gravitate to light scents full of citrus and gardenia, as if you were taking in the scent of an afternoon stroll in a garden in Capri. Hence, last week, I decided to momentarily stray away from my standard Orange Blossom and try something new. I was delighted by two scents that are actually for male or female, as part of Hermes’ “Les Jardins” collection. See above.

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