One to Remember

toryblogFull disclaimer: I am not someone that usually gravitates toward quotes and inspirational affirmations. Quotes are nice and all, and can serve as motivational and enriching levers, but I don’t usually make a point to keep them close to me or recite them in conversation. With the unfortunate news of the ever so eloquent Maya Angelou’s passing, social media was abuzz with various tributes to the prolific woman (including Tory Burch’s blog, above). I must say, this particular quote is one that really resonates with me. I’ve found myself coming back to it as it truly does give me pause. We are in absolute control of who we let in to our lives and I continually focus on surrounding myself with those that make me feel valued, respected, inspired and thirsty for living. Life is too short otherwise, don’t you think?

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Office Inspiration: Grégoire’s Gem

cote sud coverescape1 escape2 escape3One of the perks of now working at an interior design firm is the sheer joy of being surrounded by tangible inspiration all day long. I am deeply affected by the landscapes in which I live and work in, and my new work environment makes me truly happy. Instead of the interior rigidness of a financial institution, I am now surrounded by a flood of rich fabrics and textiles, architects drafting elaborate blueprints, a sea of French antiques, and, a library full of auction and design catalogues. Thus, I bring you my latest obsession. If I could jump in to this landscape, I would. The images come from the French design publication Côté Sud and depict the most idyllic residence on the French Riviera. The vacation home belongs to Grégoire Gardette, legendary photographer, designer, publisher and graphic designer. Now all I need is a new white bikini, my Bain de Soleil and a tall glass of Pellegrino – dreamy!

In addition to salivating over the serene scenes above, be sure to view Grégoire’s portfolio, here:

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Summer in Bloom

photo (5)It sure does feel like summer has officially commenced on the east coast. The harbor filled up considerably this weekend, neighborhood children are playing in their yards until sundown, and the Sky Bar in Newport was in full force Saturday evening.

I’m loving these blue delphiniums in my Mother’s kitchen bouquet. Nothing makes me happier than fresh flowers and I just love a fresh summer bloom!

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Dear Slim,

slim8slim5slim2slim1slim9slim4slim6slim7slim3Those close to me know that there is one man that will forever make my heart pitter patter. The man of course, is none other than photographer and King of the jet-set era, Slim Aarons. I suppose it’s his photography that captures me, rather than Slim himself…Given that it’s a Friday and I’m on vacation, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. Bon Weekend!

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A Flora Flop

garden1Behold, the catalpa tree. Very few gardeners have planted one since the financial crisis (the one in the 1930s), perhaps due to its messy nature. The seedpods it drops are abundant and pesky and its blooms are shortlived. The catalpa has company though. According to Wednesday’s article in the NYTimes, American homeowners have stopped spending money on all types of trees and shrubs. In the four years after 2008’s financial crisis, landscaping purchases dropped by 46 percent. Among other floral flops? The Poppy, the Firethorn, the Fig tree and Crinum. I highly suggest reading the article and skip to your nearest garden shop.

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