The Deep

053_fantazyResponsible for arguably one of the most seductive water scenes in film, Jacqueline Bisset stuns in a soaking wet t-shirt in the 1977 film The Deep. Although the film isn’t considered to be a total blockbuster, I do love watching the makeup kiss scene featuring the English bombshell and her lover David Sanders (played by Nick Nolte). That’s right, mustache et all.

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Emerald Sea & an Il Pellicano Day

HotelIlPellicano_John-Swope_pg10-2-3I don’t know if I’m more in love with the story about the hotel’s evolution or the tales of bronzed jet-setters drinking limonata by the saltwater pool, but I do know, I am going.
Known for luring those who love “barefoot luxury”, Il Pellicano has been a sought out destination in Porto Ercole since the early 60’s.

The hotel’s founders, American glass heiress Patricia and handsome British aviator Michael Graham (above), met by fate at a Beverly Hills soirée one evening in 1952. Just a few years prior, Michael earned the nickame “Crash” after miraculously surviving the crash of a Pan Am Clipper in the Syrian desert. (The crash killed 14 people, many burned beyond recognition). Taken by this heroic gent, Patricia, (who was married at the time to a WWII pilot), tore the New York Times article out of the newspaper for safe keeping. Fast-forward two years after the fabled crash and Patricia (now a widow), and her heroic Michael become mutually enchanted with each other and marry. Fairytale? I think so.

After they settled down at a large estate on Pelican Point Road in Marin County, the couple started looking for an European escape, ultimately shaking hands with Prince Alessandro Borghese on a plot of land in October of 1962. Initially, they wanted to keep the location private as a celebration of their love and the surrounding Tuscan coast, but later decided to invite their glamorous friends and respective families to relish in its magic. The vintage photos below reflect the hotel in its true glory, a quiet playground by day for those that desired to spend their afternoons engrossed in a game of backgammon adorned in silky kaftans, wet bathing suits and straw hats. In the evening, the hotel glittered with sun-kissed guests recounting tales of their travels over cocktails and music. Today, the hotel is a Relais & Châteaux property continually regarded as one of the most unique, romantic resorts in the world.

…So who is coming with? Just so happens I found an idyllic seafront villa to enjoy after our stint at Il Pellicano. Ciao!

fOVWj-QC-EWi2TnLct_14ChhoKDPVoeNhgGrMcTkHAs-700x474pellicano-hotel4Marisa-Berenson-Slim-Aarons-Nasty-GalIE40_IE40 hotel_overview_0101787_Aimage075Porto Ercoleporto-ercole-slim-aaronsPhotographs by Slim Aarons and John Swope from the book, Hotel Il Pellicano.


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Hey There, Autumn.

kendra_spears2 kendra_spears4 kendra_spears6Chunky fisherman sweaters, chaps, garters & full bodied tresses, this is one of my favorite editorials featuring the Seattle born Kendra Spears. Talk about S-E-X-Y. Not to mention, it makes me a tad nostalgic thinking about the turn of the season back east.The classic beauty turned bombshell recently married Prince Rahim Aga Khan – whose grandfather Prince Aly Khan was married from 1947 to 1953 to Hollywood sex goddess Rita Hayworth.

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IMG_0526My Grandparents’ Adirondack camp is and was a very special place to me and many of my family members. In the summers of my younger years, my family and I would road-trip from salty Newport, Rhode Island “up” to the quiet lakeside town of Essex, New York. Here, was the camp my Grandmother and Grandfather officially winterized in the early 90’s so they could call it their home year round. (Although snowdrifts somehow still made their way into the maids’ quarters). The property was dusted by tall cedar trees, black-eyed Susans and the incessant chirping of yellow finches and crickets. It was a haven among a landscape already so still and majestic.

Before my bedtime, which usually coincided with the commencement of adult happy hour, I’d sit on the covered porch with my Grandparents admiring the mountains through a tattered pair of binoculars. Once, I sat at my Grandmother’s side while we were greeted by a family of hummingbirds amidst a raging thunderstorm. By day, I’d help the grown ups clear the rocks by the lake’s edge to help keep our “sandy” beach in tact. My Uncle Greg would entertain us with sensational tales of “Champ”, the notorious sea monster in our beloved Lake Champlain.

Time spent at Cedarside always evoked a carefree mindset. The only “time” that was monitored was when the local ice cream shop closed. The camp was always abuzz with visitors that would drop by – both human and animal. One morning, we woke to find raccoon prints on the kitchen windowsill from a visitor who helped itself to our flour and sugar, and a serious rescue mission was made when my Mother discovered a poisonous snake lurking under my crib during a mid-day nap.

Adventures at the camp, on the mountains and in the lake were conquered and memories were formulated throughout many decades. Till this day and for always, the Adirondacks will continue to have a piece of my soul. Below, a quote I admire:

Give me the islands of the upper air,

all mountains

and the towering mountain trees.

– Hilda Doolittle

IMG_0623Above: The not so sandy shore of our Lake Champlain. Across the way you can see Vermont.

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“Queen of Gamine”

isabel-marant-rtw-ss2013-candids-07_18150228375.jpg_carousel_parties If there is anyone “having a moment” in the fashion world right now, it is definitely the undeniably blasé Parisienne, Isabel Marant. Known for her effortless sheer tees, slim slacks, studded boots and the like, her collections always ooze with that “French cool”. Her label was founded in 1994 and despite a consistent 30% rise in sales each year and overwhelming acclaim from it-girls around the globe, she still manages to brush away the jetset-fashionista mentality. On weekends, she retreats to her clapboard cottage in Fontainebleau with her designer hubby Jérôme Dreyfuss. By day, they soak in the pristine air among the quiet sounds of nature and the banks of the Loing River, while tending to garden chores and cooking for dinner guests. When their son Tal enters his 8 year old evening slumber, the duo sip brandy among the stars while fending off nocturnal visitors. In a piece written by the NYTimes, it was revealed that Isabel’s husband gifted her with a military sink for her birthday. A woman with smashing taste who embraces life’s simple pleasures, now that’s my kind of gal!

Below are images from Isabel Marant’s 2014 Resort Collection.


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