Collecting Starts Somewhere


I’ve always loved the sentiments that come with collecting – may it be matchbooks from special dinner parties or sterling silver pieces from generations past. Β “Collecting” often comes with a connotation that points to luxury or expense, but this seems irrelevant, in my opinion. You should collect whatever moves you, pieces that will forever make you reflect or tell a story for years to come. Which is why I’m finally going to start a charm bracelet…(Santa, baby).

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A quick weekend in New York City bore fruit to some superb eateries, to include Palma in the West Village. Traditional Italian cuisine wasΒ pairedΒ with a lively garden terrace to include blooms of roses, casablanca lilies, herbs and the like. Candles flickered while the room danced with soft conversation. A C&C Approval, rightfully earned. Follow them along on Instagram: @palmanyc

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